I sell greeting cards (blank inside) with matching envelopes, unframed prints, and framed prints. There are a few exceptions, but most of my prints are available in two sizes: medium sized prints are sized to fit an 8x10 frame (11x14 matted,) and large prints are sized for an 11x14 frame (16x20 matted.)


You can purchase them from me directly (see the contact page) or, if you're in Madison, you can purchase them at Hatch Art House at 1248 Williamson St.



Cards -- $5

Medium Prints -- $20

Large Prints -- $30

Framed Prints - prices vary

(I have some very small framed but not matted prints for as little as $10 - $15. Larger matted prints run anywhere from $40 - $100+ depending on the size and the frame.)

The frames are all recycled. I find most of them in thrift stores. I clean the glass, repaint or refinish the wood and add new hardware when needed.


** Because my art is made by digitally manipulating, layering and otherwise adjusting drawings, there is no such thing as an "original" that can be purchased.